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UpTownMovers Commercial Moving Services has been DFW’s leader in Short Distance Moving for over 14 years – that is why we are the trusted residential and corporate moving company!

We have had numerous customers’ comment how dramatically lower it is in cost the office move was than the fixed prices they were quoted from other moving companies.

It all comes back to only paying for what you use. Our unique system, as outlined in “moving a short distance” is ideal for Moving Office also. However there are some additional aspects that need to be considered when relocating an office.

Larger office removals in particular, can become very disorganized. The key to an EASY, HASSLE-FREE office move is to fully understand what each you & UpTownMovers is going to do and then work together.
Check out our helpful office moving hints as they will save you both time and money.


A few Companies who have used our Commercial Moving Services.