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When you are moving to a new house or shifting offices moving boxes and packages supplies should be the least of your worries.

Uptown Movers is a full-service furniture removals company operating in major cities in Plano including McKinney, Frisco, Pilot Point, Allen, Wylie, and North Dallas for over 14 years. With an extensive knowledge and experience in the removals industry, Uptown Movers has mastered the value of proper packaging.

Are you packing a room? Moving to a new office? Or simply storing your items?

Uptown Movers carry a wide range of products of moving boxes and packing materials that has been designed to offer supreme protection to just about any item, whether big or small, and provide convenience to our customers.

We take the hassle out of packing for your next move!

Uptown Movers Boxes provides an easy solution to a common moving dilemma — where to find enough moving boxes, how to store them until you are ready to pack, how to load them in the moving or truck, and what to do with the boxes when you have finished unpacking in your new place.

Looking for the best place to buy sturdy moving boxes or get packing materials cheap?

Uptown Movers Boxes offers eco-friendly, cost-efficient, high-quality moving boxes and other packaging supplies. All of our moving boxes and packaging supplies are professional grade! Using strong, durable high-quality packing materials is essential to ensure your valuable belongings are safe while in transit or placed in storage.

Let us help relieve some of the stress when you shop from us, we’ll even deliver the boxes direct to your home or office for FREE, within our delivery areas*. No need to worry about handling fee, fuel charges or hidden fees at checkout.

Choosing to buy moving boxes and moving supplies online from Uptown Movers Boxes saves you a lot of time and helps make your moving experience a little simpler!

Our goal is to make moving easier for you… and the environment! We also have a Buy Back* system which allows you to return boxes, used or unused, so you can have additional savings and just relax after you finish unpacking.

Is it time to get ready for moving day?

Simple, fast, affordable and convenient.