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Just a few things
2-3 Bedroom House
1BR / Unit / Apartment
4 + Bedroom house


Piano Pool Table Hot Tub

What Pianos or Organs can UptownMovers can Move?


Our Piano Moving Specialists can move everything from:

  • Full Size Grand
  • Baby Grand
  • Large and very heavy Pianola
  • Small Student Piano
  • Upright Piano
  • Piano Organs

Your Movers are experienced in Moving Pianos & Organs

UptownMovers can move all kinds of piano’s with good access. Our movers receive special training and have experience moving pianos on monthly basis.  The equipment they use includes straps and piano trolleys and again they are trained in strap techniques as part of their training and development here at UpTownMovers.

Our movers will move your piano when there is good access and no stairs, as pianos are very heavy, they are unlike moving a standard piece of household furniture, and when the mover consultant determines the access is not suited to our crews we recommend and then arrange our Piano moving specialist to come and load the piano onto our vehicle for our crew to deliver.

Working with our piano moving specialists avoids damage to your piano, yours and others property and our valuable workers. UpTownMovers are Reliable and work full time as professional movers, who ensure your piano is properly wrapped and protected before it is moved, on a customized trolley in a vehicle designed for Pianos, to a schedule that works with you and our moving crew.