HR Guide to Moving Your Office

HR Issues When Moving Office

Moving office doesn’t happen every day. In fact, it’s a big milestone in the life of a business and a change in working environment can bring about many benefits.It presents an ideal opportunity to embrace a new corporate image, implement new processes and team restructuring; all of which can have a positive impact on staff productivity, morale and even staff retention.

An office move is a key area in which businesses can re-energise their staff and position themselves better for the future. But for this to happen it is important that companies don’t score “own goals” by neglecting the needs and feelings of their staff.This HR Guide looks at the positive impact that HR can play to achieve a smooth and happy office move. It looks at 2 key areas which HR needs to address and offers practical solutions to delivering the successful office move that the business expects.

2 Steps to s Smooth and Happy Move

1. Planning & Preparation

An office move is a major project which needs to be planned properly.

There are a lot of things to consider when your company moves office – which might explain why moving office is ranked as one of life’s most stressful events! But it doesn’t have to be this way because an office move (like any process can be broken down into a series of simple tasks and checks.

The intelligent use of planning documents, spreadsheets and checklists will not only help you plan each and every aspect of your move, but will also act as your road map to carry out the many tasks involved with the project.

They should include all of the tasks needed to be completed (and the steps leading up to them) together with the individuals, teams and companies responsible.
Planning and preparation are central to all successful office moves so remember the age old truism that “if you fail to prepare, you may well be preparing to fail.”

2. Change Management

Your impending office move should be an exciting time for all. It’s an opportunity to affect positive change management, improvement in business performance together with increased morale & momentum.But before a company can fully embrace these changes, it is important to consider the personal effect an office relocation can have on your staff. How a company manages the change process for staff during an office relocation is critical, particularly if they have been in their existing workplace for a long time.

But for some people change can be unsettling and this can certainly be the case with an office move where some staff might feel resistant to change.

With this in mind, an office move will require businesses to fully utilize their change management skills. The key here is to anticipate the likely issues before they are raised as well as encourage open dialogue well in advance of any office move. Providing staff with a clear message of the reasons behind the move (and the benefits it will bring) will help get your employees on board with what you are wanting to achieve.

Remember that, at the same time as the office move process is going on, your company has to continue to run its business and focus on its existing workload and commitments. You will want to ensure that distractions are kept to a minimum and that any “negative vibes” surrounding your office move are dealt with before they get out of hand.