Moving Office Check-off List


Plan your entire office move from start to finish with this definitive Moving Office Checklist.
It guides you through each step of the planning process and is loaded with top tips for a successful relocation – from the planning and preparation, right through to the actual move-in day and beyond.

Get things right from the start. There is a right way of planning an office move and this checklist will show you how.

Reasons For Moving

It is important that you always have the key strategic & operational reasons for moving at the forefront of your mind throughout the office relocation process.

  • Lease event (lease expiry / break option)
  • Expansion /contraction /merger /acquisition
  • Change of business location
  • Business requirement to reduce overheads
  • Desire to be nearer to your customers
  • Change in working practices / increase in productivity
  • Exit Strategy

It is vital that you EXIT your current property in accordance with the terms of your lease. Failure to do so correctly might result in punitive financial penalties.

  • When does your current lease expire?
  • Is there a “break clause”?
  • What notice period do you have to give?
  • How do you need to serve notice?
  • Key Dates

There will be certain key dates that will drive your office move. Make sure you know them and stay on top of them.

  • End date of current lease
  • Date by which termination needs to be given
  • Target date to be in new office